All over the world people take a couple of slices of bread. They combine it with some spread and some vegetables. By the end of the process, the makers have a tasty and wholesome meal. Some people like it with meat while others stick to simple tomatoes, onions and lettuce. They are prepared in many different ways, but the result of the preparation process is always a healthy and happy diner. We are talking about the humble sandwich and the many varieties that make it a favorite of hungry patrons all over the world.

A humble food like the sandwich has now become a staple snack and many times even a staple meal for millions of people all over the world. There are people experimenting with different kinds of sandwiches all the time in terms of the breads that are used and the stuffing that are put in the middle.

There is no limit to the experiments that can be done with the sandwich. Different sauces are used to add flavor. They can play with the vegetables and meat that are put in the middle. People can spray some herbs on top and decorate it artfully. The types of breads that are used vary in different cooking styles. Some are traditional favorites. They are made in the old methods even today. Other styles are inventions of the modern era. Today’s generation does not have time for elaborate meals. They prefer to eat on the go, which is why the popularity of this dish is only going up.