About us

We are a team of young entrepreneurs, driven by the passion to offer unique and innovative products and services in the food and beverages industry. After a decade’s experience of working with the big shots in the field, we decided to start this website to make it all the more easier for busy bees like us to order and grab their favourite sandwich.

We have gathered our ideas for the sandwiches we present from all across the world, some at multi star restaurants, while others on a flight. Since sandwiches can be prepared and served anywhere, there is no limitation to the space from which you can get an inspiration for this dish. We aim to take our sandwiches across the world.

The idea behind supersandwich.in originated during one of those hyper hectic days, when we, the entrepreneurs, did not even have the time to sit and drink a cup of coffee. Famished and fainting, we ordered a dozen sandwiches of different varieties, and literally lived on them for the rest of the day. Grabbing a bite between meetings and presentations, we survived the mad rush, day after day. supersandwich.in is a small way to say thanks to the food that proved to be our saviour during our days of struggle. If you also share our feelings towards the king of quick meals, then join us, or just enjoy the taste by ordering from us.

What started as a small enterprise is now growing by the day, and given the content that we display on our portal, the future looks bright with the website getting thousands of hits everyday from new as well as old customers. There is more to the world of sandwiches than you could possibly have imagined.