Change Your Mood with a Sandwich

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Recent research has proven that there is a connection between our general mood and the food that we eat. If you are constantly in a state of boredom or anxiety or conversely in a state of elation or high energy, it could well be the effect of our daily diet regime.

The humble and local sandwich, along with its numerous varieties, can also help you to elevate your mood. This is not to suggest that you should not have your regular balanced meals, but rather pack in a sandwich instead of going hungry on an empty stomach.

Here are a few pointers on how your friendly sandwich can help you with your mood:

  • Get back some sleep.

It has been proved that a carb-heavy dinner or caffeine at night can impact your sleep patterns, unless you are an insomniac. Are you constantly experienced disturbed sleep at night, or getting up late or groggy in the morning regularly? Chances are high that lack of sleep can play havoc with your brain moods, making you irritable or angry through the day. You can alter this by opting for a light-carb dinner or meal at night. The best way to a light meal can be a sandwich packed with your favourite vegetables or any meat proteins, so that you don’t miss out on the nourishment.

  • Sandwiches offer you variety.

There are at least 100 online recipes of making a sandwich, using a variety of breads, sauces, and stuffing. The sheer number of sandwich recipes can elevate your mood and protect you from food boredom.

  • Easy to carry.

Craving for some mood-boosting food, but don’t feel like walking to the nearest café or canteen? No problem, sandwiches are easy to pack and carry through the day, hence available for instant consumption. Additionally, if you are regularly missing breakfast due to the morning rush, you can substitute your morning nourishment with a healthy sandwich that you can eat when on the go.

  • Combines well with superfoods

Superfood sandwiches are the latest trend of transforming your sandwich into a highly nutritious meal. Sandwiches combines well with a variety of mood-boosting superfoods including chickpeas, eggs, fish, cheeses, carrots, and avocados. Superfood sandwiches are easy to prepare, depending on your available cooking time and budget.

So, the next time you are feeling depressed and need a mood lift, avoid the caffeine and reach out instead for a sandwich.

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