Different Breads for Different Sandwiches

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It is time to make a sandwich. The chef has the salad, the meats, the sauces and the condiments ready. All he needs now are a couple of slices of bread to put the fillings in. He can go with the standard soft and white bread that is traditionally used in western cultures or he can get creative with the loaves. The options in front of him are plenty.

The Pita bread is very popular in the cultures of the Levant, North Africa and Arabia. The bread is made unleavened so that it does not rise. The result is a chewy product that is ideal for wraps and rolls. Those who are on a diet will be glad to know that not only is this bread wholesome, but it is also low on carbohydrates. Having a wrap for lunch saves time, it is healthy for the body and it also keeps the stomach full.

There are other types of bread which come with some kind of stuffing in them. Flavored breads are very popular for eating without any fillings, but they are also great when one is making a sandwich. One can choose if they want a loaf with a strong flavor or a light one. Flavored breads are known to taste great with some meat in the middle and a healthy dollop of butter and cheese. Of course, not everyone likes their bread to have a flavor, so choose carefully before the purchase. With so many options available in the market, the sandwich maker can get creative and treat his guests to a healthy and tasty meal.


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