Killing Time on a Saturday Afternoon

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It is time for you to enjoy, relax and unwind because Saturday is finally here, but the catch is everyone you know is working today and dog just wants to laze around. Your mom has decided to spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying her siesta and you have no intention of stepping out of the house. The dilemma you will most definitely be faced with is what you should do to kill time. Here are some simple, economical and fun things to get you going:

Catch up on the TV shows: You slog all week-long and weekend is the only time you get to catch up on all the weekly soaps. Make sure you check out the TV listings to see what you can watch and spend a cool afternoon on the couch.

Read a book: What better than curling on the recliner, while the air conditioning is on full blast and you get to absorb yourself into the interesting world of fiction, a book is truly a man’s best friend.

Watch movies: You have thought since the longest time to watch the movies that released in the early part of the year, but never got around doing it. The afternoon is an ideal time to plug into your laptop and sit back and relax while your favorite movie runs.

Order a snack: You are bored and the only thing you can think of is food, order your favorite sandwich online and enjoy yourself while you satiate your taste buds and indulge in the goodness of a harmless snack.

When you are seeking the most enjoyable time and do not know what to do, food always comes to the rescue, what can get better than having some yummy food to munch on, all by yourself.

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