Sandwiches- Food for Long Journey

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Life is on the wheels now a day. Every second person is travelling miles per day some because of work and others for touring. In this facet, carrying something nutritious is essential which can furnish whole day energy and keep you active all the way through. But, hauling heavy foodstuffs is not doable all the time as it may lose its freshness and quality. Thus, what is so wholesome and unsullied that can fulfill your body requirements anytime?

While you are travelling and don’t have anything to curb your hunger, a loaf of bread can equip you with good calories and provide other nutrients too. Beside this it is not only easy to carry, but also available at every big and small confectionary. Hence, you can effortlessly procure it from anywhere, if your stock is finished.

Never to compromise with your taste, sandwiches are one of the best victuals of bread to accomplish full meal of a day. Variety of breads like white bread, brown bread and buns can be used for making sandwiches. It’s also painless to make them whilst you are on your way. According to your savor different fillings can be used. A vegetable sandwich with a slice of butter can add on with your taste and health both. Onion, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce are some vegetables, which are trouble-free in every part of carrying, peeling and serving. You can also have a cheese sandwich sprinkled with some salt, black pepper, and powdered cumin seeds. If you are tired of travelling and are willing to eat something fresh and juicy, fruit filled sandwiches can be a good option for you. Fillings of apple, grapes, banana and mango in between two slices of bread and a few drops of vanilla essence can give you a complete and delightful diet.

Thus, you can enjoy your touring with a blissfully filled stomach.

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