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In today’s world of rapidity, the concept of spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a nourishing meal is long forgotten. People explore options about food stuff that are healthy and easy to make. Though fast foods have become famous for its taste and speedy preparation, it takes a back seat while considering the health aspect. For this reason, diet consciousness people look up to alternates that are easy to make or pick up, healthy and also economical. One such food stuff that perfectly fits the bill is the Sandwich.

Sandwiches have become a global hit as a lot of people consider it a favorite eat out. One reason is that it can be easily prepared or is readily available in any part of the world. The food stuff comes is a plethora of combinations so that people of all different tastes can be satisfied. To make this eatable a wholesome diet, all one has to do is to be a little choosy in selecting the base and fillings of the sandwich. Slight alterations to ones’ usually preferred sandwiches can convert this favorite dish of many into a complete nourishing diet.

The base of all Sandwiches is the bread. The type of bread used is dependent on the availability and requirements of the consumers. It is best to prefer whole wheat bread slices. Sweet less Flat bread is healthy when compared to white breads. Another creative idea is to use large leafy wraps for the sandwiches using greens instead of breads. This makes the food even more attractive and nutritious.

Once the bread is chosen, next comes the Spreads. The type of spread being used depends upon the type of sandwich chosen. However, it is accepted to modify the procedures as sandwich preparations do not follow any rules or customs. It is always recommended to avoid mayonnaise but low-fat mayonnaise can be used in small quantities if unavoidable. Any low-fat dressing, hummus, honey, hot or sweet fresh sauces can be used as nourishing Spreads.  As for toppings, sweet or hot pepper slices, sliced onions, greens, fruits or chopped nuts are considered as prudent choices. Also, it is better to opt for baked or toasted sandwiches and keep away from fried ones.

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