Veggies Corner

There are some great options when it comes to making sandwiches for vegetarians. If they were to explore a little bit, they will find that there is no end to what they can do with a little bit of creativity and imagination, and an assortment of interesting vegetables and fine ingredients.

For those who like it leafy and green, we have a number of yummy sandwiches, full of health.

  • Peanut butter and apple
  • Batata in style
  • Kabuli Bite
  • Spinach and Mayo
  • Olives and Cheese
  • Tomatina delight
  • Beans in a bin
  • Salad in slice
  • Caprese with basil
  • Cheese Toastie
  • Cool Cucumber
  • Falafel
  • Going bananas
  • Melt in mouth
  • Pasta with peanuts
  • Veg Submarine