Special Sandwich

Sandwich is considered as one of the best options for breakfast or brunch. It usually consists of two or more slices of different kinds of bread, categorized as white, brown, garlic, pita bread, etc. These breads have different fillings, consisting of variety of cheese and vegetables. If we talk about non-veg sandwich, then stuffing like chicken, mutton, or fish could be made, depending upon the choice.

Supersandwich’s sandwiches are extensively popular among our customers. We have a category of special sandwiches in our menu, which has proved to be a delight for a number of people. We prepare this special sandwich in both veg and non-veg category.

The bread used for making this sandwich is coated with several condiments; for example mustard and sometimes honey mustard, which improves its flavor and texture. This special sandwich can be enjoyed with hot or cold beverage depending upon the choice. This sandwich consists of a variety of fillings, like olives, beans, lettuce, tomato, etc. For non-veg lovers, the stuffing could be of eggs and bacon, mayo and salami, or chicken. The bread used for making this sandwich is plain or toasted; again it depends upon choice of the customers. It is often cut into quarters and has three layers.

As a side portion, we serve coleslaw, or potato salad with this sandwich, which is often accompanied by a sauce. The coleslaw or potato salad is frequently trimmed down to a “garnish” section, when the main side item is an order of French fries or potato chips.

Supersandwich’s special sandwich has become the foremost choice of customers to satisfy their appetite. Moreover, we have set very reasonable prices for it, as an introductory offer. We suggest our customers to order it once and promise them that they will never forget the wonderful taste.

You must have seen our advertisements that talk about how special our sandwiches are and how they are different from run of the mill stuff, and there are also many people looking to buy a special dish that catches the eye of their guests at parties. Well this is the place that can give you tasty treat.

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