Making a Healthy Sandwich

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There is nothing better than a good sandwich to keep the tummy full and the body healthy. It is not only quick to eat, but it also has numerous health benefits. These days’ busy professionals are on the run all the time. They do not have the time or the inclination to spend long hours on meals. There are many people who tend to skip meals just because they have a train to catch or an important meeting to go to. Many working women do not have the time to spend long hours in the kitchen. This is where making a quick sandwich is such a good idea. So what goes into the making of a healthy sandwich?

The first thing that one needs to consider is what kind of bread they need to get. There are many different varieties of bread available in the market from many different brands. Taste is one major factor, but the individual also needs to consider if white bread, brown bread or pita bread is better for their constitution. In some cases the doctor might have advised people to eat a certain type of bread since it is better for their diet.

The next question that follows is what to use as fillings for the sandwich. Non-vegetarians are often tempted to use a lot of red meat in their sandwich. This is not a good idea since the ill effects of red meat have been well documented. It is preferable on the other hand to use eggs, tuna fish, chicken salad and other meats that are rich in protein while at the same time being light and easy to consume. Vegetarians should fill their sandwich with a good salad that contains plenty of tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes and other vegetables that contain good nutrients. There are many herbs that go well with a sandwich. Basil for instance is lovely with tomatoes. Hot and sweet peppers add plenty of flavour to the preparation.

Many people want cheese in their sandwich. Cheese contains a lot of fat, which is not good for those who are on a diet. But at the same time it also offers plenty of calcium. No sandwich would taste good without the judicious use of condiments. That is why one should always have mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and butter with them when they are preparing a sandwich. Toasting a sandwich does not add calories and it adds extra flavour to the dish.

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