The delights of a self-made subway sandwich

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One of the most filling meals to have is the subway sandwich. It is easy to make; one can load it with as many toppings as they want, and it can be eaten as a heavy meal as well as a light snack depending on how one makes it. Most people prefer to go to the nearest fast food joint to order this sandwich. But when one is having one of those lazy days when they simply do not like stepping out of the house, they can quite easily make the sandwich at home. Due to its increasing popularity, the researchers are also taking interest in covering this area of research i.e. food science and technology.

The first thing to do is to choose the bread that one likes. Italian bread and honey oats bread are excellent for making this kind of sandwich. The second part to consider is the kind of toppings that one would want in this sandwich. This would vary from vegetarians to non-vegetarians. Vegetarians can load their sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, capsicum, onions and some kind of fried potato dish. On the other hand, non-vegetarians can load their sandwich with their favourite kind of meat. There is no restriction on what goes inside a subway sandwich. It is purely up to the imagination and taste buds of the maker.

One should definitely not forget the cheese in a sandwich.. The cheese is usually the best part of the sandwich and many people like having extra cheese in their sandwich. There are many different kinds of cheese from many different countries and based on what the tastes of the makers are, the right kind of cheese can be chosen. The other ingredients that add that special flavour to the sandwich are mayonnaise, butter, mustard and sauces. Many people like adding their own special sauce to the sandwich. Once all these ingredients are put together, the result is a delicious dish that can be eaten during any time of the day.

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